Leaders Program


Inspiring women to further develop their leadership skills


The CEW Leaders Program has grown out of an earlier program called the Talent Development Program which began in Sydney as a pilot program in 2005.  Since then more than 300 women and 38 organisations have participated in the program.  In 2011 the program was revised and is now called the CEW Leaders Program.

The CEW Leaders Program provides participants with a unique opportunity to share and learn from theirs and others experiences, discuss issues they are facing, review personal priorities and gain new insights and strategies to achieve their potential as leaders. CEW members and other senior executives and board members both men and women participate and share their experiences with participants.

The demand for the program continues to grow which is why CEW is offering the program in Brisbane for the first time in 2012.  A number of organisations which have participants in the Sydney and Melbourne program welcomed the opportunity to participate in Brisbane.  In addition a number of new organisatons have joined the program in Brisbane.

Other CEW initiatives including the Scholarship Program and the CEO Kit complement the CEW Leaders Program and support CEW‘s aim of encouraging women to reach their potential as leaders.

For further information on the program please contact Michelle Woolven on, michelle@cew.org.au, or 0433 830471.

For further information about the CEO Kit please contact the  Chief Executive Women office on 02 8240 7600.



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